Specialist Knowledge and Experience

Autism and Neurodiversity


I have twenty years experience in working with neurodivergent people, particularly with autism. I am a qualified special needs teacher and as well as working in schools I taught for many years as a therapeutic teacher in a person-centred college with young adults with PMLD and autism. I have autistic family members and am trained in autism specific counselling. I do not offer ABA therapy and indeed support clients in their recovery from the effects of this. I want to empower people in their neurodiversity and offer a space to explore feelings of isolation, anger and sadness as well as offering coping skills and strategies that work  uniquely for you. The counselling I offer is autism friendly and has always reflected the ideal requirements as outlined in this new survey. https://autisticmentalhealth.uk/counsellingreport/ from the excellent Autism Mental Health team in Edinburgh.   

Anxiety and Over-Thinking


Many of us experience stress and anxiety at various times in our lives. We can manage it well when it is at a low level. Often ,however, it can become amplified by events, circumstances or new intrusive thoughts. This can interfere with our sleep and day to day well being . I have helped many people to turn the thermostat down on their anxiety through a combination of understanding and acceptance ,with a selection of coping skills and techniques to take out of the therapy room and into their daily lives.   

Meaning and Spirituality


We are at a point in history where we can't put a finger on why we feel so low, and this is often as a result of a lack of meaning in our lives. That meaning can be found in many ways, through children, creativity, work or spirituality. I aim to help you explore where that meaning is for you in secular or spiritual ways, depending on your preference.
Much of my own meaning is gained form practicing Buddhism for three decades, so additionally I offer workshops and classes in mindfulness and meditation for the individual, organisations and schools.Outside of counselling I am the Education Co-ordinator for Jamyang Buddhist Centre in Leeds.