My Approach


I am an integrative counsellor which means I draw on my masters level training in all the various systems of therapy, along with my life and work experience to find the most effective and lasting blend of these which will work for you .



You will find each session offers you a safe and open environment of acceptance where we will develop a warm and honest therapeutic relationship which will be the foundation for healing and change. Whilst my practice philosophy remains constant the process will be as unique as you, integrating all aspects of my training to fit your specific needs.

I may help you to validate your feelings or offer an alternative way of looking at things. We will explore your thoughts and look at what you would like to achieve through a tailored and informed range of talking therapies, creative therapies and mindful techniques. You may find yourself talking candidly without being judged, completing a worksheet to help focus your thoughts , painting a feeling you cant quite express or learning some self-soothing breathing techniques.  You may just prefer to talk, your therapy sessions will be as individual as you are, and will reflect your preferences and needs in any given moment. You will never be asked to do or say anything you are uncomfortable with. You will always be treated with respect and care.  

How I Can Help



Dealing with others, whether it is your partner, your children, parents, colleagues or friends, can be a source of confusion and despair. We can find ourselves seemingly in the same relationship with similar partners repeatedly wondering why we have the same difficulties. We can not understand why we have never felt loved as much as our siblings. We can wonder why we never trust our partners in the company of others or why our boss constantly overlooks our opinions. 

Counselling offers a non judgemental, accepting space where these issues can be laid out, and examined safely. It gives you the opportunity to understand, pick apart and re-frame these experience while being fully supported by a professional trained to guide you in your exploration.


All human being and animals have some anxiety. Biologically it serves an important purpose in alerting us to danger and motivating us to be prepared for new events. However in some people the natural anxiety thermostat is turned up to maximum use and this is when it can cause problems and stop us from functioning effectively.
Anxiety comes in may different guises and cause innumerable symptoms, some of which are extremely physical. Anxiety can also be a byproduct of other things like depression, trauma and autism. 
I believe the way to approach anxiety is a mixture of getting to the underlying cause by exploring this with humanistic talk and creative therapies. Then, offering appropriately matched skills from the behaviour therapies which allow for better day to day functioning outside of the therapy room.


There are many types of loss, such as bereavement, the end of a relationship, the diagnois of a child with a disability. All loss inevitably leads to grief which can become complicated and give rise to a number of difficult emotions. People often have an empathy limitation on loss of any kind. They will seem to set a target date by which time they have established that you should have "got over" your loss. Some people of course are able to carry on given a period of adjustment after a loss, but many of us are not.
Counselling does not set a time limit on your loss. It allows you to explore your feelings safely from a place of acceptance and warmth, and helps you to process and adjust to your loss in your own time and space. Complicated loss can take many years to accept.

Sometimes extreme events can happen in our lives and our minds can struggle to deal with this and put in place necessary defensive systems to protect us. These events are often catastrophic, events such a war, car accidents or sexual abuse. They can also be surprisingly every day events brought on by cumulative stress leaving the person unable to deal with the smallest setback. Trauma affects how we respond to life. It can change our personalities and experience of life enormously.  You may be suffering from trauma if you experience flashbacks, insomnia, anger or feelings of apathy and detachment.
Counselling can help you process the trauma, bring it to the front of your mind to work through in a safe space with a trained professional. It can help to have trauma simply witnessed and acknowledged so you may begin to heal whilst also being offered self soothing techniques to get you through. 
Systems such as the REWIND have been shown to help with PTSD and as a trained rewind practitioner I am able to help with this. Please note the REWIND technique is offered free to veterans experiencing PTSD.